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This is one of the best website in you want to play drums and are a beginner. Using this website you can get an idea about parts of a drum kit, drum equipment of beginners, how to hold drum sticks, how to play drum rudiments, how to read drum sheet music, how to read drum tabs and many more.

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Kick Start Your Druming

This website provides a bunch of tips in a step by step fashion. Using this website you can learn from basics like essential your equipment, learn to hold drum sticks, learn your forst rudiment, get to know your drum kit and many more.

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Free Drum Lesson

This website provides articles of how to play drums, drum related terms, holding the drumsticks, choosing drumsticks, 7 mistakes drummer make, bass drum techniques, drum set posture, drum set warm ups, drumeo student experience and many more.

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Udemy Course

This website provides free course on how to play drums. If you are a beginner and want to play the drums then this is the best website for you. Using this website you can be able to paly a variety of drum beats, be able to teach themselves more beats, be able to play along to their favourite songs.

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Drum Lessons

In this free drum lesson you can learn how to tune your drum set. This is the most important part getting your drums to sound great for live gigs, recording sessions and rehearses.

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